Go-To Glam Makeup Tutorial

If I’m in a hurry, this is the look I go for b/c it always turns out flawless and is simply beautiful! Watch and learn how I achieve my easy Go-To glam.  

My name is BB Sailem and I’m one of the new writers that will be adding to the fashion section using my makeup tutorials and blog write-ups. I have a personal website keepingupwithbb.com that showcases beauty hacks and makeup tutorials specifically. Feel free to check it out! There will also be more in the fashion section besides makeup b/c we know not everyone wears makeup so were still going to make it relatable. With all of that being said, I’m honored to have this platform alongside fellow friend Larento and all of the other contributors to the network. I can’t wait to see what Jetlag Network does for me and vice versa.

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