“I Was Bullshittin'” EP Music Review

Throughout an entire week on Instagram, I occasionally found myself glancing at a photo of this cover art that displayed a countdown. With this countdown came a young male, knocking on the door in The Heidelberg Project, with a beat machine behind his back. Curiosity took me to reach out to the 26 year old music artist from Detroit, MI to obtain more insight on his upcoming EP, “I Was Bullshittin'”. Becoming a father just six months ago, welcoming a baby girl into this world, Papa Mood decides it’s time to buckle down, handle business with his new, acquired inspiration to release his highly anticipated EP. The “I Was Bullshittin'” EP outlines the narrative of a producer that struggles with procrastination by hoarding the beats that he creates; never releasing music, but being known for making the music. Papa Mood’s EP came with a wide variety of different melodies and sounds. From mellow jazz to raunchy head nodders, this eclectic production done by David Sanya, Cash Money AP, Gambi, Taz Taylor, and Ayodlo. Features from Chadroto and the hip hop group “Bad Trip” that consist of Kris Harris & P. Rich. Tracks “Cream” and “Back To It” come with mellow vibrations, focusing on an abundance of wealth throughout his journey as a music artist. Tracks like “Regular “, “If You Will”, and the Hit Single, “Pull Up” brought so much color into the EP, Intermixing his personality gracefully with the lyrics. Really enjoyed the delivery on this EP, Definitely intrigued from beginning to the end. Effortless, comfortable, and rewarding, listened straight through. I know what good music sounds like and if you’ve been reading what I’ve been writing for this long, then you’re going to enjoy this EP! “I Was Bullshittin” EP Drops February 14, 2017!

“Fuck A Clock, I’m Bout Punch My Boss, Tell That Nigga That I Need To Floss. You Got The Sauce, You Got That Juice, I Got That Seasoning. I Gotta Ball For My Daughter, That’s My Reasoning”

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