Grammy’s Night Was Chance’s Night

The Grammy’s is one of the most important nights in a music artist career. It’s a night where they are acknowledged for their art which we call music, and a night where The Recording Academy recognize the artist for their outstanding achievement in the music industry. Although a lot of African Americans were snubbed at this year’s Grammy, some were blessed enough to receive credit, and Chance The Rapper was one of those artist.


Last night was a really big night for Chance, taking home three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist. Not to mention he put on an astounding performance which defined the term “Inspiring the inspired.” Chance took the people to church with the help of Gospel’s own Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann. You could not watch that performance and not be moved in such a positive way. Just right when the show was coming to an end and folks were beginning to find sleep, Chance woke them up and kept the crowd entertained. Black twitter was proud and he represented Black culture with such significance, dignity, and pride.

Shout out to Chance for making history as a Black man in a predominately white business. It’s always good to see another African American doing their thing and be recognized for it. You can tell he is still humble by all the success he’s had within the past year, and he made it his duty to thank God every time he went up on that stage. Chance’s career seem to be far from over. With accomplishments like this early on in his career, he has a bright future ahead of him. If you missed any of Chance’s acceptance speech you can watch them down below. There’s also a bonus clip of him backstage doing the infamous photo-shoot every artist does with their awarded Grammy.

Best New Artist: You deserved that!

Best Rap Album: 

Best Rap Performance: 

Backstage Grammy Photo-shoot:

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