Cam’ron Addresses Jim Jones Dispute and the Journey of his Career on Instagram Live

After Jim Jones went on Hot 97 to discuss with Funkmaster Flex his fallout with longtime friend and label mate Cam’ron, Cam decided to take it to Instagram live Saturday night to tell his side of the story. 

In the first clip Cam discussed everything that took place when he first met Mase, who was basically telling him not to associate himself with Jones because of the people Jones was hanging with. He even discussed everything that happened between him and Jones from when they first met to after being singed together. Cam stated that he has always had Jones back and wanted nothing but the best for him. He said he was one of the main people encouraging him to become a rapper.

In the second clip Cam goes into details about getting involved with Jim and recording his first album at 20 years old. He said Jones was there throughout every step of the way, that’s one thing he would not deny him of. Cam said when he went Gold on his first album the money wasn’t looking right so he took it back to what he knew best, the streets. So at this point he’s back to selling drugs, not because he wanted to but because he had to. He then goes into details about how he got a new deal and met this young woman who was in the business and taught him the ropes of it all. He left her anonymous for specific reasons… she taught him what was happening with all of his marketing money; why everyone behind the scenes were driving fancy cars keeping up with the latest trends, but he was broke. 

Fast forward to when they brought Juelz Santana to the group, Cam was originally with Epic Records but then moved over to Roc-A-Fella Records with the help of Damon Dash. He spoke about the struggle of fitting in at Roc-A-Fella; repeatedly asking Jay Z to do a song with him but he just wouldn’t do it, and not understanding the tension between the two. About 15 minutes later into the video he goes back to Jim. He said people at the label wasn’t really feeling Jim’s rapping skills. He was the one putting in good word for Jim because he believed in him from the start. While Jim was turning everybody into a believer Cam was releasing his second album, which went platinum. According to Cam, Jim approached him about creating a fake beef for whatever reason. Cam didn’t understood it so he shot the idea down. “Why we gon’ act like we got beef? What we gon’ do is confuse the fans and make them pick sides. That don’t even make no sense,” said Cam. He said Jim was disappointed that he didn’t play along. He feel like that’s why Jim is going around talking about this “beef” they have, because for whatever stupid reason it was always something he wanted to be a thing. Also, Cam is confused why Jim is telling everyone he was jealous of his success from “We Fly High” when he was rooting for him since day one. Cam said, “I’m the one who’s been fighting for you to be a rapper when you didn’t even know how to rap, I don’t understand that.”

In the third clip Cam talks about everything he was doing for Dipset. He explains how Jim wasn’t signing any artists, it was all him, and when Jim did bring in new artist he wasn’t allowing them to make their own projects. He would only use them for features on his album. This clip is an hour long and if you want to check it out you can view it down below. This is one of those situations where there are three sides to every story; Cam’s side, Jim’s side, and the truth. Only they both know exactly what happened. But from what is currently taking place it doesn’t look like these two will be hashing things out anytime soon. Which side do you believe? 


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