Jim Jones Signs to Roc Nation and Cries Discussing History with Cam’ron

With 2017 a lot of old rivalries seem to be calling it truce with Jim Jones and Jay Z being one of them. Minus a couple beefs that has taken place this year, hip hop look like its on a rise for Black History Month.

If you’re a hip hop fan then you remember the big fallout Dipset had with Roc Nation’s own Jay Z. If not, here’s a recap: One of the members of the crew who goes by the name of Cam’ron, stated years ago at New York’s Best Buy Theater that they weren’t quite fond of Jay Z and his nasty attitude. Cam shared at an info session, one day Hov came into the studio when he was putting down a track and said he didn’t know Cam was that nice. Cam’ron said he thanked him for the compliment and offered for Jay Z to be a part of the album but he declined. Remember that hit Cam’ron had titled Oh Boy” featuring Juelz Santana that went number one? Well one day Cam’ron came into the studio and Jay Z played a verse he did for that song. The only problem is he was dissing Nas, they were feuding at the time and Dipset wanted no parts in that, so they removed Jay Z off the track immediately. Things haven’t been the same between them ever since.

Fast forward over a decade later Jay Z and Jim Jones were able to hash the beef. Jim Jones posted a photo to his Instagram February 8th with the caption, “It’s a done deal… Jim Jones/Roc Nation” jim-jones

Yesterday, Jones stopped by Hot 97 for a sit-down with Funkmaster Flex to discuss his past and current situation with Jay Z. He also got emotional while discussing the relationship between him and longtime label mate Cam’ron. It’s an interview that’s over an hour long, but very informative if you’re a Dipset fan. 

Videos from the info session as well as the interview you can watch down below.

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