Big Sean Discusses His House Being Robbed, Kendrick Lamar Not Out-rapping Him on Control, and Suicidal Thoughts

Big Sean is a decade deep in the rap game, and with all his newfound success he’s experienced some good and crazy moments during his career. The Detroit rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM this morning to discuss his fourth album, “I Decided”. He revealed how his mom feels about all the new women he has been dating, not being worried about his current girl Jhene’s ex, not feeling like he got “washed” by Kendrick Lamar on Control, collaborating with Migos on Sacrifices, as well as Eminem on No Favors, his house being robbed, suicidal thoughts, and more. The interview was very informative; he held back in a sense, but he still managed to share a lot.

Congratulations is in order to Big Sean for adding another masterpiece to the rap game. While discussing his hot new album Big Sean revealed that Sacrifices featuring Migos almost didn’t make the final cut. Because he released the album digitally only, he had more time to throw in a couple more tracks and that track was one of them. He felt like they brought something different to the table, and even though they’re known for club bangers and trap music, Sean felt like their sound incorporated with his made it better. When Sean spoke about No Favors featuring Eminem, he said he’s not worried about the controversy surrounding the song due to the lyrics. This is Eminem we’re talking about and he’s said way more worst things. The only thing Sean was worried about was if Eminem was going to get on the song or not. He said he felt like Eminem was giving him the runaround at first, but Eminem’s schedule was so conflicted he really wasn’t sure if he could get on it or not. Cut to an album later… they made it happen!

If you’ve heard Sean’s album then you remember track number 10 titled Voices In My Head/Stick to the Plan. It’s a two track song combined into one and it speaks about Big Sean going through a phase of fighting with insecurities that he’s dealing with. Charlamagne Tha God brought up a specific line where he said, “Voices in my head attacking what I’m thinking, bullet to the head might be the way to free it.” Then asked if he was having thoughts about suicide. Sean said yeah, honestly he didn’t really go too deep into details about it but he did say he mentioned some things on the album. Another topic he was really brief about was Jhene. When DJ Envy asked if he was nervous to run into Jhene’s ex husband Sean said, “No, no way.. I’m actually not afraid of no confrontation.”

Like any average Breakfast Club interview they discussed the topic of hip hop and Sean’s song Control which didn’t make the cut for his second album “Hall of Fame” but he still released it for the fans. They discussed Kendrick’s infamous verse which annihilated everyone on the song including Sean and other rappers that weren’t but were still included. The song had twitter in a frenzy and caused a heated rap debate on who was the best rapper. Now of course Charlamagne being Charlamagne, he told Sean “You got washed!” – haha. Sean responded with “How long ago was that, what year is this?” Indicating that he’s still here and his career has not ended. Then proceeds with, “And I still don’t feel like I got washed anyway n*gga!” It was a playful conversation, but you could tell Charlamagne meant truth by it. He threw a couple more jabs at him about the song but they acknowledged that Sean is definitely Top 5 in the game. 

They also brought up the fact that Sean’s house was recently broken into and he was forced to move because he no longer felt comfortable there. “It was violating when nobody was there, and it was just some careless sh*t because we had so much going on, and I wasn’t the last one there; people there forgot to set the alarm,” said Sean. This was one topic he went into further details about. He spoke about how they saw the guys on the surveillance camera with costumes and the activities that took place. The interview closed out with him addressing a video on YouTube of Big Sean cussing a man out for throwing money at him while he was on stage performing. He also said the psychical copy of “I Decided” will be out February 17th.

With everything considered, it was a really great interview from beginning to end. I’ll leave both videos, one from the performance debacle and the actual interview itself if you want to check it out down below.

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