“SweetSexySavage” Music Review

The 21 year old music artist from Oakland, California brings us listeners a 2017 version of 90’s RnB with her Debut album “SweetSexySavage”! Kehlani’s “SweetSexySavage” title reference to TLC’s 1994 sophomore album “CrazySexyCool”. The Production was very dope & alluring, Special shout out to Pop & Oak and producer Jahaan Sweet, for a great project with others. Sampling from Akon, New Edition, Rhian Sheehan, and the great & dearly missed Aaliyah, Kehlani was able to gather an abundance of lyrical content which contains amazing skits of an empowering spoken word and knowledge from different women speaking on the male species to introduce the next track. Kehlani’s harmonious mix of RnB and Pop allows listeners to see her perspective with the approach of being an young adult and coping with the music industry, going through trail and error with relationships, while learning what love truly means, all while coming into her own. Tracks like “Keep On”, “Advice”, and “Hold Me By The Heart” gave me the “Sweet” vibe while Tracks like “Distraction”, “Undercover”, and the hit single “CRZY” gave off that “Sexy” feel, and “Personal”, “In My Feelings”, and “Do U Dirty” reflects the “Savage” side. It’s great to give the new generation a type of 90’s style RnB that can be appreciated, and it’s nostalgic for myself to listen through this 19 track album. Great album Miss Parrish. Check out Kehlani’s Debut Album “SweetSexySavage” on iTunes and Spotify!

“My condolences to anyone who has ever lost me, and to anyone who got lost in me or to anyone who ever felt they took a loss with me, my apologies for the misunderstanding…” – Reyna Biddy

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