Label paid $100,000 for a video shoot, but Young Thug was a no-show

Young Thug’s new music video for his song “Wyclef Jean” released from his mixtape Jeffery, in 2016 had twitter in a frenzy last night and earlier this morning. The video became a top 10 trend worldwide, reaching over one million views in less than 24 hours. Ryan Staake, who was the co-directer of the video along with Thug, told Rolling Stone magazine, “Midway through the day i realized it was pretty much gone. I guess that’s around the time that the BBQ stuff was starting. That’s when alarms were going off in my head that this had gone from a mishap to a disaster.”

After hours of shooting and realizing Thug was never going to show, Staake had to put his director cap on and work with what he had. So instead of the video turning out to be exactly what him and Thug initially spoke of, in his opinion, it actually turned out better. Staake used his creative abilities and managed to turn the typical music video of an artist actually being there into a music video where the artist does not show up. And from the very beginning he made it clear that, that is what happened. In the opening on a black screen there was a caption that read, “Hi, this is Ryan Staake. I ‘co-directed’ this video with Young Thug. But we never met each other.” If you were to put yourself in his shoes, you could feel the frustration through those words alone, but at the same time, you could tell he saw the bright side of it all and flipped it into a positive. Staake also managed to input a recording of Thug speaking about his vision for the video at the beginning, where he mentioned wanting to capture it in The Hills, with 20 power wheels, and a lot of bad b*****s. Besides his vision, the only thing Thug contributed to the video was some footage he shot 2 months later. There was about only 10 seconds of him in the video, and the rest was all about how he didn’t show up and the changes they had to make because of it.

Even though Thug failed to show up to his video shoot that was already paid for, it’s still pretty entertaining to watch how it all unfolds. Only God knows why he decided not to show up after he pretended to be completely dedicated. If you have not seen this creative masterpiece of a video, check it out down below.

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