“Back For More” EP Music Review

To me, late nights are the best when it comes to locating new music, and I’m proud to announce that I stumbled upon a 21 year old artist from Los Angeles who released an amazing 7 track EP titled “Back for more”! The Production done by Alex Garcia is amazing. Using the piano, Low yet mellow tempo beats, Mandi Rose complements every track on her EP with a unique intermix of R&B & Soulful Pop. Mandi Rose discusses love, and the ups and downs that can transpire when it comes to having a significant other, and as a young adult, love can be difficult to figure out. The track “Hennessy” featuring Destruct, really stood out to me, gave my ears that strong underground hip hop feel; Sounds like something released from the 90’s era of music. While other tracks such as “Don’t Go Away”, “Lies” & “Back for More” gave off an original Blissful, Innocent & Virtuous vibe. If you’re in the mood for good music, allow your eyes to close, as you sway left and right, frequently allowing your fingers to snap to every beat. Check out Mandi Rose’s “Back for More” EP on Spotify and iTunes!

“You’re Like My Weed In The Morning, You’re Like My Liquor At Night. Like Them Pills I’ve Been Popping, Hoping I’ll Feel Alright” 🌹

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