Listen to DPG Ep by Shootre 

Shöotre McGavin aka Korri Dawkins is and independent artist from Spartanburg. Hooper turned Artisan, he describes himself as a 60 year old man in a 22 year old body. Simple laid back guy that wears retro SnapBacks, vintage jackets, vans, and soccer pants. Originally from Shaw Ave. on the south side of Spartanburg then later moved to Duncan Park. People he looks up to most are his sister kricket, curren$y, and knxwledge.

The tape, each track has some kind of meaning and piece of Shöotre’s life in it. He has battled childhood traumas, severe anxiety, depression, and eventually a suicide attempt which landed him in the hospital for 5 days. The opening track “5th Averyt” was the name of the floor Shöotre was on. The sample for that particular track was thundercats-return to the journey. Shöotre chose that particular song to sample because thats what he literally had to do with his life. He even keeps the zip ties in his vans to remind where he had been. So in those beats Shöotre is putting nothing but his life, heart and soul into the beats.

Check out the EP below

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