“Awaken, My Love” Music Review

The eleven track Album by Childish Gambino is extremely captivating! Production by the great Göransson, Connecting Wonderful Rhythms of Funky electric Guitar, base and soulful drums that reminds us listeners of Late, Great James Brown. “Awaken, My Love” delivers blissful gospel rock with harmonious vocals that will fall intensely into your ears as you venture throughout Childish Gambino’s evolution of the mind. “Awaken, My Love” is deeply uplifting with Tracks such as “Stand Tall”, “Baby Boy”, and of course the hit single “Me and Your Mama”, will activate the pituitary gland of the brain and give you the sensation of euphoria. My expectations were overly met, I’m currently enjoying the Album, Thank You Donald! Check out all major music websites and purchase Childish Gambino’s album! “Awaken, My Love” Drops

“If You Are Strong You Cannot Fall,
There is a Voice Inside Us All,
So Smile When You Can”

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