“Backwxxd Palace” EP Review

After a long night of wandering about aimlessly, I found myself on the steps of large and stately mansion. Upon entering this place, 6 vibrational songs echoed throughout this house! That’s when I met the 19 year old Detroit Native, Kitty Kvsh where we ventured through her “Backwxxd Palace” EP. The Production was done by Heizenburr, which gave off a pulsating, yet mellow sound. Tracks such as “Backwoods & Purple Rain” and “Purple Potion” ft West Palms Beach very own “WifisFuneral”, gave off a real soulful trap feel. The “Backwxxd Palace” EP delivers catchy hooks, relative themes of women, and various flavors of “Backwoods” with raunchy rhymes that can stimulate the body to vibe and dance to. So for all you “Stoners”, grab a couple packs of “Woods”, and allow Kitty Kvsh’s lyrical smokey content to consume your musical lugs & soul! Make sure you check out Kitty Kvsh’s EP, “Backwxxd Palace”, releasing on Apple Music November 11, 2016! Link Below!

“People Will Hate What They Don’t Understand, So Of Course It Makes Sense That They Talk Shit” – Kitty Kvsh


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