Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 Review

A$AP Mob; Cozy Tapes vol. 1 is the first A$AP Mob project that released after the death of the world famous and founding member/ executive/ co-owner of A$AP Worldwide records A$AP Yams. This album was crafted by Yams before he passed, there were strategic instructions on who to put with who as well as how it should flow. What amazes me is the mind of Yams worked. Some of these artists you would have never guessed to be grouped with each other. Some you would have never guessed to be on the radar of the A$AP Mob. It has every feel you would expect from them like the hype ode to a fallen comrade  “Yamborghini High”. The mid 90s tribute “Nasty’s World” that feature A$AP Nast and the classic hip hop group Onyx. The Ro James flip ‘Put That on my Set” that features the UK rapper Skepta, the fourth single “Telephone Calls” which features an anti swag rap stunt from Tyler The Creator and the stoner’s new anthem “Way Hii” that features A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa going back and forth that takes you down memory lane through Kush & OJ and Live.Love.ASAP. This is possibly one of the top 10 compilation albums this decade. #RIPYAMS

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