“Social Rehab” Mixtape Review 

The 23 year old music artist from Atlanta, Georgia does not disappoint when it comes down to this 11 track mixtape hosted by DJ Noize. First and for most, Joe Da Pro’s production was very blissful. I myself enjoyed the harmonization throughout the structure of the mixtape. Reason being, “Social Rehab” approach is timeless, when I use the term “Timeless”, no matter the era, you won’t say “This is a nineties type of feel versus a seventies type of feel.” Special thanks to Canis Major and Taz Taylor, two producer’s who did an astounding job on “Social Rehab”. The physicality of the production was very well put together. Artist with enough leisure to practice their craft can evolve their music into art. This project displays that Joe Da Pro is an original artist with a unheard unique sound. The delivery alongside wordplay went hand-in-hand with tracks such as “High Class ft. Zip K”, “Clouds”, and “My Zone ft. Zac”. I found myself rewinding certain songs just to mentally catch some of the wordplay he displayed within his lyrics. When you combine perspective with strive, you create and obtain someone who’s coming for the crown, and Joe Da Pro aims to be on top of that list! Go and give your ears something new to hear! “Social Rehab” is available on SoundCloud and also datpiff.com

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