“SMALLtalk” Mixtape Review 

Choosing the title “SMALLtalk” is clearly an understatement when it comes to this 8 track Mixtape. The Detroit Native, Detroit Ché, takes us on a journey through her own personal forest. As she climbs and pushes through the branches of society, the fakes, and her own community with her team. The lyrical vibrations of the conscious music artist, awards us with a mellow yet aggressive tone. Tracks like “What Its Gon Take” and “Wish You Wood” (Prod. JonBoyIce), really showcases Ché’s personality & emotions towards the beats. Even adding a joyful interlude with ALi. Keys beat boxing in a parking lot, as Detroit Che raps with an assertive approach with light humor. My expectations were set to a “1000”; Ché broke right through that barrier and proceeded to push! Don’t just take my word for it, “SMALLtalk” is available on https://bandcamp.com bandcamp.com

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