“Best Rapper Alive” Mixtape Review 

Obtaining the opportunity to listen to Teezy Da God’s 16 track mixtape, “Best Rapper Alive” lives up to its title. From the “The Prodigy Intro” descending towards “Homegrown Goody”, overtook me on a lyrical journey where the 23 year old emcee delivered bar after bar. Shapely repositioning wordplay like it was a game of Tetris, which gave this mixtape, “Best Rapper Alive”, that original feel. The vocals were edgy, raw, and attractive. The realness in this young Detroit music artist punch lines were clever, meaningful, and well thought out throughout the entire mixtape. Using remixes to industry beats, Teezy Da God’s The “Prodigy (Intro)” was a sample of a fellow emcee Pusha T beat and “Everyday Is War” was prod. By DJ Premiere. Listener’s will find themselves replaying several tracks on repeat, contemplating to see which songs are their favorite. In point in fact, Listeners will be able to hear that Teezy Da God used a lot of his leisure time into making the mixtape, and to my understanding, its a masterpiece! Support great music and check out Teezy Da God’s mixtape “Best Rapper Alive” on SoundCloud!

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