“Freedom” EP Music Review 

Earning the opportunity to go on this ominous journey with the 21 year old music artist from Detroit, MI, gave my ears clarity, release, and hope for the music industry.  Jordan River grows into his own on this very well constructed EP., separating himself from society, and finding himself within the music. Jordan River’s 12 track EP titled “Freedom” was simply made for those who pray for freedom, and who can envision themselves living without any restrictions that the stigmatism of the city can portray. The alluring focus on the EP “Freedom”, was that Jordan sampled himself with songs that he recorded but haven’t released yet, giving listeners a more in depth connection with him musically and giving originality to the EP. Furthermore, only having 2 features from “Grey P” & “Notez”, which helps us listeners  straying far away from the topic & storyline of the EP. Tracks like the hit singles “Honestly” and “Type of Money” really showed J. River’s approach to switching different styles, even taking a leap to using his vocals on “Blood”, displaying not only his talent, but even developing a beautiful harmonious song. Great Story telling with subliminal punchlines & metaphors, so make sure you peep the lyrics and listen well, cause a couple bars might go over your head! Special Shoutout to “Notez” for that Interlude, very inspiring, expressions of faith & well worded promises. If you’ve been reading & rocking with me for this long, then you know that I know what good music sounds like! You can locate and listen to the “Freedom” EP on SoundCloud, October 28th 2016 Link below!

“Freedom To Me is Being Able To Do What Others Claim You Never Can” – Jordan River

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