“1992” Album Review 

​Compton, California’s own West Coast Rapper, The Game delivers us listeners his wonderful 8th studio Album titled “1992”. The Game shares  his personal experiences in Compton, California through his adolescent years and the surrounding events living day to day with Gang Violence, Police Brutality, Drugs and witnessing the L. A. Riots, which makes “1992” Relevant to today’s society. The Compton rapper uses many Samples, some which include Marvin Gaye, Grand Master Flash and Ice- T just to name a few, giving us listeners that Golden Age in Hip Hop feel. Tracks such as “Savage Lifestyle” and “True Colors” both in which are produced by Bongo, enokes every feeling of being a young black male in today’s society. Don’t neglect the opportunity to bless your ears with an album of angelic story telling, relentless lyrics with an old school feel. Check out The Game’s 8th studio Album “1992” on iTunes! 

“It’s A Trap, It’s A Trap! Why They Ain’t Tell Us Red and Blue Don’t Matter When You Black” 

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