“No, My Name Is Jeffery” Mixtape Review By: No’el Snyder

Listening to Young Thugs highly anticipated mixtape, “No, My Name is Jeffery” with executive production by TM88 and Wheezy gave a new form of appreciation to my ears. “No, My Name is Jeffery” consist of ten tracks, 9 of those tracks named after who Young Thug considers his Idols and the hit single “Pick Up The Phone” which was released early June. Features include Offset, Gucci Mane, Quavo and many more. More to the title of the mixtape, with Young Thug having children, he didn’t want his children addressing him as “Thug” as they grew older which gave more appreciation and inspiration for the title. So this is Jeffery we’re listening to, not “Young Thug”. “No, My Name is Jeffery” delivers catchy hooks with a high pinched tone as Thugga ventures towards spending money, and the women & drugs he encounters. Also, Mirroring the music idols that the tracks are titled after, giving listeners multiple styles to listen to and enjoy. Tracks such as “Swizz Beats”, “Webbie” ft. Duke and “Pop Man” ft. Wyclef Jean became my favorites songs from the mixtape. Very pop, soulful hip hop mixtape, Don’t just take my word for it! You can check out this mixtape on Apple Music! Link below!
By: No’el Snyder

IG: @Noelsnyder313

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