Gucci Mane Releases Video For “First Day Out Da Feds”

Gucci Mane has become a trending topic since being released from prison. As the people expected, Gucci Mane got out of jail and went straight to work. Immediately, Gucci Mane released a single entitled, “First Day Out Da Feds” that was an instant hit with Gucci fans. 

Big Guwop came out of Prison looking like a totally different person than what people have gotten accustom to seeing. Gucci, lost lots of weight and re-imaged himself. Seeing a different type of Gucci Mane made the internet go crazy, sparking speculations of Gucci Mane being a clone. According to Gucci, he will neither “support nor deny” the accusations placed about his cloning.

In the “First Day Out Da Feds” video, Guwop trolls those who assume that he is a clone. Check out the video for “First Day Out Da Feds” below.

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