Victoria reveals a “Secret” about their popular swimsuit line

The #1 lingerie company in the world, Victoria’s Secret, has just updated the world with a surprising secret about their sexy swim line. According to Buzzfeed, the company mentioned instead of their famous catalog update, they are focusing on bringing back their usual, except they forgot to mention one thing, their swimwear line. In August of 2015, their swimwear’s line profit decreased tremendously and realized that their swimsuit’s are just not as “fashionable” as they once were. I personally disagree but hey, money talks. However, they are deciding to just stick with and grow their lingerie, beauty and PINK brands. With this new change, PINK will consist of mostly active wear, which I am assuming will be replacing the profit the swimwear line would have been making. I, being a heavy social media user, do understand that women now have become obsessed with working out the get this perfect body they see on their discover page on Instagram. So, it was smart on their end to strengthen their active wear line. Now most of you are probably reading this with your mouth wide open, as I did when I first heard about Victoria Secret discontinuing their swimwear line. But, do not fret, you still have time to purchase your Victoria’s Secret bathing suit today, but cheaper,(we all love sales right?!) Their swimsuits are on sale up to 60% off with an extra 40% off with the promocode SAVE40SWIM. I Just ordered me a bathingsuit for $15 total, top and bottom! They also offer free shipping on purchases $100 or more with the promocode freeship100, (yes, they allow you to use up to 3 promocodes!!!) I am proud to say it’s not over yet women, hurry while supplies last!

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