Success In How You Dress

Exams are approaching which means late night studying, rolling out of bed last minute to throw on a pair of sweats, a tee-shirt (they might be clean if you’re lucky), and the closest pair of shoes you can find. Little do we know, not LOOKING good equals not FEELING good. However, there is no scientific information to prove that dressing well helps you test well. But, I do know for a fact, looking good makes you feel alive and on top of the world! So, check out some pieces you can wear that are cool, casual and comfortable to wear to your next exam with the promise of an A!

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Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans somewhere in the depths of their closet. Personally, I own many pairs of jeans because I find them cute, comfortable, and you’re able to wear them with anything. American Eagle has amazing jeans, and right now they are by one get one 50% off. Go and buy these indigo washed Hi-Rise Jeggings for less than $50 and another pair while you’re at it!


Okay, so if you really aren’t a fan of jeans, there is nothing wrong with a nice pair of flow shorts. Too tight shorts are uncomfortable to be in all day and you need a little free room. These cute shorts are from H&M and they are only $9.99! The have other patterns for you to choose from. Pair these with a cute pair of sandals and a solid tee, and you’re sure to get an A!



Tank tops are my life! This Soft and Sexy tank from American Eagle would look great with the new Jeggings you are planning to buy and it is just $17.95. I actually have this tank in three different colors and they are for sure soft and comfy. They aren’t fitting and gives you lots of room to move around. Funny story is I wore this tank to a physics test and ended up not having to take the test! May become a lucky shirt (;


Or, if it is a little chilly in your classroom, you could wear a nice boyfriend tee! I love these shirts as well and have many of them. As I mentioned earlier, they would look nice with a pair of shorts or jeans if you please. Purchase this tee from Gap for $17 with an extra 20% off select colors. So, that means buy more than one!

I hope you all know which shoes are comfortable and which aren’t to wear to your next exam. Also, I personally wouldn’t wear a dress to a test because that’s just going a little overboard. As long as you avoid wearing too tight clothes, you should be fine! Just stick to the basics. Who said you can’t be basic, and cute?!

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