SheLovesMeechie and Odell Beckham Dance In Drake’s Backyard

Odell Beckham has grown into one of the most entertaining athletes today. From his one hand catches, electrifying play, and terrific end zone celebrations. Odell Beckham’s end zone celebrations usually include the latest dancing fads that he absolutely kills every time. Odell Beckham has apparently been living at Drake’s home while Drizzy finishes his ‘Views From The 6’ album. Beckham linked up with Internet sensation, SheLovesMeechie, and his crew for a dance video to Young Thugs song ‘With Them.’ SheLovesMeechie is arguably one of the best dancers on the Internet. Much like Odell, he does every dance far wonderfully. The two being so great at dancing, decided to come together and make a dance video you do not want to miss. Watch above Odell and SheLovesMeechie “Hit Dem Folks” in this latest video.

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