Shades of grey


Need the perfect outfit to wear on a date night or just simply out with the girls? This Is a look for you! If you like the minimalistic type of style or a monochromatic look. Read more to find out where I purchased the pieces of my outfit

I wore this simple but very cute outfit on a date with my boyfriend Saturday night. I usually do not go for the loose fitting style of dresses because they do not look good on a 6’2 and narrow body type. However, I tried this on at a Willie Jays in downtown Charleston in a larger size and fell in love. I bought it for $8 but sadly it is the regular price for $39.99 online. I paired it with some jet black sheer stockings to give it a more elegant look and my lovely combined ankle boots from Zara. They currently do not have this style of boogie because of their frequently changing clothing selections. I originally wore a short black leather jacket over my dress but since it was a beautiful day that day, I took that off and threw on my Micheal Kors shades instead. Last, I wore my Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips in the color Toolips. If you want to get a better look of that liquid lipstick, check out my last post of my lip swatches of Colourpop’s new lippies! How do you like this outfit? Comment your opinions below and like my post ❤️

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