Colourpop Ultra Satin lip swatches for darker toned skin

In my last post, I know I mentioned that I would only be buying three of the Colourpop’s ultra satin lips but, after watching more lip swatches I ended up buying a total of 5. The colors I bought are to my liking. Also, they are what I believe would look best on me and people similar to my skin tone. The colors I bought are listed in order; Toolips (Deepened plum brown), Tansy (medium-toned yellow brown), Lost (warm-toned brown red), Prim (dark blackened red), and London Fog (cool-toned blue red). So, in summary, I loved all of the lippies! No surprise because I am a huge fan of all of their products. If you do not like the feeling of a dry, matte lipstick but still want it long lasting, these are the best buy! They are thick, creamy and they apply smoothly! So, Which is your favorite? Comment below and like this post!!! Also, go grab you some Colourpop ultra satin lips today before they are all gone! Happy shopping!

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